The worst interior design trends

Essentially the biggest showcase of decor inspo ever, IDS Vancouver is a massive exhibition of the freshest ideas in contemporary design, from furniture and textiles to international trends. This weekend if you’re in Vancouver, don’t miss your opportunity to see some of the biggest up and coming designers showcasing some of the hottest modern trends of today at Vancouver Convention Centre West.

In preparation for the event, we checked in with IDS Vancouver to find out some of the not-to-miss highlights going down at this showcase of creativity and innovation.


Portland-based Ann Sacks are known for unsurpassed artistry, craftsmanship and quality in their choice of designers, materials and styles. They are teaming up with Camille Walala to transform the Central Bar at the convention centre in to a fun atmosphere with tribal-pop prints, crazy colour combos and visually enticing graphics with ceramic tiles and a 60-foot mural that serves as the backdrop for the bar, we know where we will be drinking this weekend. Make sure you catch Camille Walala speak on Saturday Sept. 30 about her design work.


Walk up to the IDS and your jaw is already going to be droppin’ when you look up at the majestic 100-foot Tree House designed by Electric Coffin, presented by LightArt. With a lit up pathway throughout, the installation is made from cardboard but embodies natural form, acting as a portal to explore greater concepts of design as before you’ve even set foot in the convention centre.


Everyone from local household names like Inform Interiors and Burrit Bros who have been around Vancouver since 1907, all the way to familiar brands like Miele from Germany and Electric Coffin out of Seattle, a multi-disciplinary artist powered studio that is dedicated to high concept and high craftsmanship. With more than 50 exhibitors there’s plenty to take in as you walk to through the aisles of the convention centre.


Gray Magazine showcases the best in interiors, architecture, fashion, art and design and now for their fourth year in a row Gray will be presenting a stage to open the floor to some of the key players in all of these fields. Offering a platform for design talk from some of North America’s top interior designers and architects, you will get the opportunity to hear from the likes Glenn Lawson and Grant Fenning, founders of celebrated LA-based design firm Lawson-Fenning talk about how they grew their local store in to a global design brand, plus interior designer Alexa Hampton will be talking about her classic and eclectic work and also a panel called The Cutting Edge which will discuss what’s happening and what’s next in design trends with a bunch of industry experts.

Taking pottery out of the kiln and in to the fire, Clay and Glaze brings forward a modern and inspiring take on a very traditional art form with their innovative concepts and designs. This year celebrated Italian designer Matteo Cibic (pictured above) will be speaking on the Caesarstone Stage on Friday, Sept. 29 about some of the adventurous leaps and bounds he’s taken with shapes and designs he employs which make him stand out as unbreakable in his craft.


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