Play Interior Designer With IKEA’s New AR App

In interior architecture, students use art, math, and science, as well as an understanding of cultures and the human sciences, to design interior spaces that address functionality, interaction, and engagement within the spaces. Students also learn to manipulate light, color, function, time, and form to create purposeful places for commercial and residential use, and they collaborate with other design disciplines to achieve an overall design.

Over the past two decades, following a national shift, the interior design curriculum has moved toward broader and more rigorous architectural content. About 35 percent of the top 20 programs in the nation, as ranked by 2016 DesignIntelligence, are now called “interior architecture.”

“The expertise of our faculty is an ongoing distinction of the school,” he said. “We offer a unique aspect to our curriculum that brings students from all three schools together in interdisciplinary studios in their first year and again in their final year. This reflects a similar trend in the design profession.”Matthews said the name clarification also reflects the expertise of the faculty who hold degrees in interior architecture, interior design, and architecture—many with dual degrees.

“The name clarification strengthens our position as a leader in design education by demonstrating the legacy of progressive and innovative education we provide our students every day,” Matthews said.

The school will continue to hold accreditations from the Council for Interior Design Accreditation and National Association of Schools of Art and Design.

The name change underwent a comprehensive process, including research and investigation for two years; thorough vetting within the College of Architecture and Design; and review and approval from the college’s curriculum committee, comprising representatives of all three schools, and from the university’s curriculum committee before final approval by former Chancellor Jimmy Cheek.

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