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Smartphone technology could combat workplace injuries

Manufacturing industries rely on the efforts of factory employees who work daily to make, package, prepare and deliver the products we find on our shelves. That’s a lot of physical effort, and the strain can lead to various injuries, such as carpal tunnel syndrome or tendonitis in the wrists, arms and shoulders. Risk of injury…

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9 Important Strategies for Raising Children in a World of Technology

Here are 9 important strategies we have sought to implement raising children in an age of technology: 1. Technology is not discouraged in our home. Technology, it appears, is going to be around for quite awhile. Our kids will need the skills in the future—they already do in the present. Parenting is not about shielding…

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First Smartwatch for Blind People

For the 285 million visually impaired people around the world, the technological advancements of our day and the conveniences of everyday life enjoyed by the sighted are rarely experienced. From libraries without braille books, to street signs and smart devices, navigating life is an entirely different and much more difficult experience. Noticing this divide in…

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Smartphones Outpacing Humans in Literacy

Does it matter to the world if more smartphones than people will be able to read and write within the next 10 years? A new push to promote human literacy believes it does. Project Literacy, begun by Pearson and supported by 95 other organizations, including UNESCO, the Clinton Foundation and the Hunger Project, aims to…

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Alphinna presents a sporty and stylish smartwatch

As watchmakers increasingly turn their attention to smartwatches, Alpina has risen to the challenge with a ladies’ model that’s sporty, stylish and smart, with various connected functions. As well as being tough and water-resistant, the Alpina wearable has a refined side, with optional diamond indexes. The Comtesse Horological Smartwatch has been designed with active women…

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Save your streams to your camera

One of the unique things about Instagram Live is that the videos have always disappeared. After your live stream is over the content is deleted forever — unlike Facebook Live or Periscope, which save your video so audiences can view it after the fact. Until now. The company just announced that broadcasters will have the option to…

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Keep Your Wireless Headphones From Exploding

Wireless Headphones Have a Battery…  Wireless headphones are an increasingly popular option. In fact, last year Bluetooth headphone sales surpassed those of traditional wired headphones in the U.S. for the first time. I’m sure Apple’s decision to kill the headphone jack on last year’s iPhone 7 had something to do with that. Headphone jack or…

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How to block spam and texts on your phone

Ting! You’ve just received a new message. You set down your bags of groceries, dig into your pocket and pull out your smartphone. Then, you frown. The message reads: “REAL ROLEX 90% OFF!” You’ve never seen the phone number in your life. You received spam, and smartphones have become a major target for indiscriminate marketing…

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Spring-clean your phone apps

Q.  I’m trying to prune my phone’s collection of apps. Any shortcuts to find the ones that should get the hook first? A. It can be tempting to let apps accumulate on your phone until you start to run out of space, but apps you don’t use still have whatever data you put into them….

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