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Tips for Taking Great Photos of Children

Anyone who has ever tried to take pictures of children knows how challenging it can be. They don’t have attention spans, they don’t listen, and they switch from happy to grumpy within seconds for seemingly no reason at all. As a professional family portrait photographer, I’ve picked up a few tricks over the years to…

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Which DSLR should you choose?

Buying an entry-level DSLR from Nikon is not as straightforward as it sounds. Should aspiring enthusiast photographers stepping up from a compact go for the most basic DSLR in the range (the Nikon D3300) or pay a bit more for a camera with a few more features, namely the Nikon D5300? If you’re agonising over…

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How to Choose the Best Camera for Your Individual Needs as a Photographer

We all know that line: “You’re a photographer. What camera should I get?” It comes with being a professional photographer in any capacity. But my passion lies with being creative, and by my own admission, I’m not the greatest at keeping up with the camera market. Enter Snapsort: the website that for years has helped me find the right…

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How to Install Google Play on Fire Tablets the Super Easy Way

Below are super easy directions showing you how to install the Google Play Store on Amazon’s Fire tablets. Basically all you have to do is sideload a few apps and install them. Easy peasy. You can do it all from the Fire tablet itself, no computer or rooting required. This method works on Fire tablets…

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Tips and Myths About Extending Smartphone Battery Life

Ashlei Temeña’s family trip to Disneyland last Thanksgiving break turned into a nightmare when her smartphone battery hit empty. Ms. Temeña, a San Francisco support technician, had gotten separated from her family and realized she had no way to find anyone. Instead of riding roller coasters, she wandered around searching for the group — eventually…

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Classroom technology continues upward trend

Pursuit of 21st Century classrooms continue in the educational field in general. Marion County is no exception. All Marion County schools continue to push forward, generally with 1:1 computer programs for at least some of their grade levels. So-called 1:1 initiatives essentially refer to each student in a certain selection of grades being assigned a…

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Using technology to determine car insurance rates

If your car insurance hasn’t gone up this year, it probably will. That’s because more people are getting into accidents, largely due to texting. And being a good driver can’t even get you out of this. But a new local insurance company says that’s about to change…thanks to technology. Couples who are about to tie…

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Smartphone technology could combat workplace injuries

Manufacturing industries rely on the efforts of factory employees who work daily to make, package, prepare and deliver the products we find on our shelves. That’s a lot of physical effort, and the strain can lead to various injuries, such as carpal tunnel syndrome or tendonitis in the wrists, arms and shoulders. Risk of injury…

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9 Important Strategies for Raising Children in a World of Technology

Here are 9 important strategies we have sought to implement raising children in an age of technology: 1. Technology is not discouraged in our home. Technology, it appears, is going to be around for quite awhile. Our kids will need the skills in the future—they already do in the present. Parenting is not about shielding…

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